Panic Mode People- DIY Cosplay at Last Minute

After focusing on studies, freelance projects and general life it has come to my attention I HAVEN'T STARTED MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME, I haven't even decided on a costume.  I came to this amazing realization while making a necklace for a friends costume. But while I decide on what to do, why not share a quick how to :) 

How to make a TIFF necklace

I do not have a steady hand for carving free hand this small. So I cut a (2) stencil out of vinyl and cut out the Tiff- making sure to cut out holes for the chain. After following the baking directions, LET IT COOL. Since I had gold vinyl on hand I applied  the 2nd stencil on top of the clay and attached the chain. If you have Gold paint you can paint it. I had bought the gold clay, but when it baked the shimmer came out more than what I wanted for the look of this necklace

Last year I made an awesome Maude Gutterball Cosplay.

Lets start at the top and work our way down on how I made this. 

The Helmet was bought on Amazon and I went to the local wig shop and got Wefts in the red/length I needed. Each braid is 2 packages braided together. They are attached with E6000 ( Let it sit over night)

The Boobs- 

The bowling ball boobs alone took me over a week and 3 tries, Here was how it finally worked out-

I used FloraCraft Smooth Foam Hollow Half Balls, painting them GOLD and adding the finger holes( add some shadowing too).

The top is from a discount pop star costume I found at Party City for $7. I attached the Bowling Ball Boobs with industrial strength Velcro (this is good to do while you are wearing it- and if you are wearing a bra with the costume, wear said bra too)


The Skirt:

I bought a fitted pencil skirt at Salvation Army and cut it to the length I needed.  Next I bought stick on craft sheet foam and sprayed all of them GOLD like the boobs. Cutting 2.5" strips and every 1.5" of said strip cutting up 2/3 of the way.  Pull the backing off the 1/3 left at the top of each strip and stick it to skirt, starting at the bottom. After wrapping a layer around the skirt, Stitch a tack in each place where 2 strips meet. Continue all the way up and around the skirt

The trident is a devil pitch fork I bought (again at a discount store) and spray painted

If you have any questions on this just ask :) 

Anyone else wait until last minute??  What are you going as for Halloween

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