I See Dead People

A trip to Magnolia Cemetery brought out not only some spirits, but some creativity. Levitation photography anyone?

Part of a five part piece "Going Home" with the very talented Jill Ashley. This project combined my love of photography, graveyards and Photoshop in one

If you are not familiar with Levitation Photography it is pretty simple if you have some Photoshop experience. It is combining 2 images into one. the person or item that is "floating" is photographed on a step or whatever you are using (try to hide as much so you don't have to cut as much out and use a sheet or screen as a backdrop if you are not shooting at the same place as your second pic) In this series the model was shot at a studio, . The second image is your background

Using layer masks you can clip your floating image and adjust the opacity.

There are tons of tutorials on this online, but if you have any questions don't be shy, ASK

See the rest of the series

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