Posters and Little Smiles

It's the small things that make me smile. With starting a new job and having car problems this week, it really has been the little things that make me smile. Loved ones doing sweet things, seeing a pretty bird, stuff like that. And while I love going into a book store or welcome center and seeing something I designed, I must say seeing my designs being shared though print and social media is pretty awesome. While going through downtown today,  there were two posters I designed out. TWO!

 I am not sure if anyone else feels a validation when they see something they did displayed and shared.  I know there are a ton of articles on how validation through social media doesnt bring happiness. I agree, if you are basing your worth on how many likes your photo gets then you probably aren't going to be truly happy. This is more like a nod or acknowledgement that yes, you are kicking butt and headed in the right direction feeling. It makes me feel like I did chose the right career path. Like everyone else, I have my days when everything I do ends up in the trash and I wonder if maybe I am supposed to be doing something else. Do you feel that acknowledgement when something you have created or worked on it shown and shared by others ? Or is it just me 

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