Tedious Tasks, ALT Image and Metadata. Are They Important?

Gradually I have come back to my advertising and marketing roots with the rise in digital promotions. I have also realized that while I am sure not everyone sees eye to eye on some things, there are little tedious jobs that need to be done on the back end to optimize websites and to keep things professional.

This brings me to alt image. That oh so fun task of labeling images ,, WHY? Why would it be important to label images? There are numerous reasons, for visually impaired people using screen readers or incase a file can not be loaded, it will tell the person what it is. Alt tags also give image context/descriptions to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly , MOZ has a great article that goes into detail about alt images

Alt Image Text Example Image and Code

Metadata is next, over looked sometimes it is very important. It is the unseen HTML elements that directly communicate and clarify website information for search engines. It is the description & summary of your pages and key words. It is what you see when you do a Google Search and helps when you are online shopping.

While there are many fun aspects of putting together a webpage, these are things that do not need to be skipped. They make it easier for people to fing=d you and makes the user experience better.

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