Vinyl Decals, 5 Tips for Installation

Vinyl decals, they are everywhere! And why wouldn't they be, you can customize them & stick them on anything. It is an easy way to show what you love or to add a little something special to things. They won't damage surfaces and won't break the bank.

But there are some tips to installing vinyl if you do not have professional tools.

you will need:

a credit card

Yep, that's all!

1. Always rub a credit card across the decal tape or clear transfer tape side up to make sure it is adhering

2. Make sure your surface is clean & DRY, if you are installing on unpainted wood it should stick decently, but if you sand and coat it with a clear coat, it will adhere much easier

3. After you have decided on placement and put the decal down- go over it again with your credit card

4. Pull up at an angle, if a part of the decal is sticking to the transfer tape, but it back down and go over it again with your credit card to help it adhere

5. When you are done if there are bubbles DON"T pop them on your windsheild, Work from the center out with a credit card to push the air out. Then give it a few days for it to settle

After you will be left with something unique to you

Final Installation

photos used in this blog are from Marisa&Edric Dibble's Wedding. Vinyl by me

For more examples of how you can use vinyl, take a look at my portfolio

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