DIY Wrapping to Personalize Your Presents

While lately I have been focusing on Social Marketing alot lately in my blog I am taking a break this week and focus on Christmas stuff. And thanks to scheduling posts I am also able to take off from posting during the holiday weekend!

So, lets get started on some awesome and inexpensive DIY ways to wrap your presents

Paper bags (yep still a thing) are amazing for wrapping. They are durable and won't tear on corners like cheaper wrapping paper and you can customize it. You. can go simple and just a bow. Don't have any around, make your own!

customized christmas

The 3D effect on these packages are pretty attention grabbing and not hard to do. The Christmas Tree is made with paper candy cane straws cut to length to make the tree and hot glued down. (Pretty easy right?) Use string and small buttons for the decorations. For tutorials on the other packages check out Country Livings tutorial

But not all of the packages require special items like the honeycomb paper from the 3D packages.

Stamps are a simple way to customize a package. You can buy stamps or carve them out of a potato to customize your design and pick the paint colors (or a stamp pad) to best suit your look. After it has dried you can add to your design (like pom-poms for Rudolph's nose, string, bows- be creative!) If you have a live tree, use the trimmings to add a fragrant touch to any of your presents.

Tape is another household item we all have. Tucked away in drawers or in closets are rolls of duct tape and washi tape. While we all know duct tape has a million uses from making wallets and even prom dresses to sealing cars in a bind (yes it works if you don't have time for a sealant to set), but it can also be used as a fun touch to packaging and washi tape can be used to make designs on your packaging from stripes to words and images. For more paper bag wrapping ideas that you and your family can do head over to schoolmum.

Remember, DIY is all about expressing yourself, so take these ideas and make them your own. I would LOVE to see some of your creations this holiday season. Make sure to comment on my Facebook post

with your pics

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa & Yule with your friends & family

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