Get Your Learn On- Tips for Discounted & Free Training

Happy 2018! We all make resolutions for the new year and for some it is going back to school. That was mine last year and since I am still paying off student loans, I did not want to do a traditional school. But wait- with the rise of social media, YouTube and Google, there are tons of free and very discounted classes.

I will be speaking for Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, but I will say a few of these, like Shaw Academy offers alot more than just that. I ended up getting an associates in digital marketing there for less than a semester at a traditional school. But if you want just an intro class, they offer a free class (and Tmobile Tuesdays has given away a diploma program 2xs in the last year)

Udemy is another online school (similar to Shaw) that also offers other programs. At the moment, classes are $10.99. and Stanford has online classes for FREE (YES Stanford University)

If you want training in a particular social media Hillary Rushford at Dean Street Society offers a free webinar on increasing your Instagram followers & Josh Turner teaches a master LinkedIn Class (be prepared for up-sells that I am sure are worth it, but you can learn a lot from just the free class)

LinkedIn has also introduced LinkedIn learning, and is offering a free month to take classes.- it has hooked up with

Want to get certified in Google Adwords? Google University is your answer.

While I am sure there are a ton of other places (YouTube for one) to get free classes, these are the ones I have used. If you have others, please let me know so I can add them and GOOD LUCK in 2018 getting your learn on!

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