Certify Yourself With Your Favorite Social Media

Good evening everyone. I know I have been gone a few weeks, but I have gotten many messages about Social Media classes and certifications through said social media channels. So I am compiling a list for you today. I will be back to my weekly blog next week :)

First up Facebook

Facebook now offers free online classes and you can take exams to get certified in their marketing. The project is called Facebook Blueprint . The awesome thing about these courses is you can tailor it to what you need.

Next up- Twitter

Their Twitter Flight School offers downloadable resources and also certifications and badges for your page. Like Facebook Blueprint, you can tailor it to your needs.

While not a social media site, I feel I still need to mention Google and the Academy of Ads

You can get certified BY GOOGLE in Adwords, DoubleClick and Analytics to name a few

Pinterest offers Pinterest Propel, it isn't course work or tests, but a 30 day program featuring one-on-one training from Pinterest’s ad experts.

Hootsuite offers Hootsuite Academy- offering certifications and classes on social media marketing, They offer platform training as well, although not free, it is relatively cheap

And last but not least LinkedIn, while they do not have an official certification they have LinkedSelling , the guys at TopDogSocialMedia have put together a list of other resources for LinkedIn Marketing

Hope this helps

Now get your learn on

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